I am excited that Divine Farmer stands at the forefront of a movement that bridges ancient wisdom with contemporary innovation. Shortly after I started studying Chinese medicine, it became apparent to me that the medicine of the future must embrace the eastern knowledge, treatment methods and the way of seeing a human body as a whole. My dedication to this union facilitated me in opening the East Meets West Holistic Center back in 1997 and now, the creation of Illuminate, a harmonious blend of Chinese herbs and CBD. Illuminate isn't merely about symptom relief; it's about creating a balance within, nourishing the body, mind, and spirit - a philosophy deeply ingrained in both traditional practices and modern health ideals.

In recent years, the integration of CBD (the non-intoxicating component of cannabis) has taken the wellness world by storm. Backed by modern scientific research, CBD shows promising effects on the endocannabinoid system, influencing various physiological functions, such as mood regulation, pain perception, and immune response. When these two worlds unite, the synergy is profound. The unique compounds found in Chinese herbs complement the properties of CBD, potentially amplifying therapeutic effects. Their combined action may enhance the bioavailability of CBD or offer complementary mechanisms that fortify wellness outcomes.

I find using herbal medicine a transformative journey that is different for everyone. Illuminate takes you on a journey towards a calmer mind, a brighter mood, restful sleep, and enhanced focus. How long it will take, how much you will need to take (not to exceed 9 pills a day), depends on where you are when you start your journey.

Here are some reports from my patients from their journeys with Illuminate:

“…brings about a sense of calm and emotional stability, easing my daily stressors.”

“… aids in sharpening my attention, enhancing my productivity and delivers a sustained mental focus throughout the day.”

“…puts me in a serene slumber, I wake up refreshed and energized.’

Why Chinese herbs and CBD? Why Illuminate?  – It can help you unblock your potentials and connect your body with your mind and with your spirit.