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Women run. Family farmed. Eco-conscious & sustainable.

Ancient traditions of TCM

The unique combination of tcm & cbd:

Divine Farmer harnesses the thousand years old knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the modern achievements in biotechnology to create unique products by combining two powerful, natural forms of treatment: traditional Chinese herbs and Nano CBD.

By synthesizing the old and the new we created a product that is both effective and corrective.

The Science

Why water-soluble Nano CBD?

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Size Matters.

Our CBD starts from quality Hemp grown in its most suitable environment, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and extracted in Utah. Our water-soluble CBD is created using a process called nano-emulsification, which is an advanced delivery system for substances that are normally oil based. That involves the use of ultrasonic waves that shatter CBD molecules into tiny nanoparticles that are a fraction of their original size, allowing for almost immediate absorption into the blood stream bypassing the Liver where the large Liposomal CBD molecules get destroyed.

Nano-Emulsified Water-Soluble CBD is one of the most advanced herbal remedies today. 100% natural, fast- acting relief, though its effects are temporary.


Our bodies are mostly water: Brains - 80%, Cells - 90%, Blood - 85%. Water-soluble CBD blends well with water rather than working against it as oil does. When ingested, it easily gets absorbed into every tissue in our body. Almost nothing is lost.

The Farming

Authentic Ingredients & state of the art cultivation


Traditional Chinese Medicine has its roots in ancient China, but today is used all over the world. It provides long term solutions – seeking to treat the root of a problem and not just the symptoms.

Genuine Chinese herbs

We take great pride in the purity of our ingredients. Our herbs come from family-owned farms in China. They are grown in their natural climate, where they have been growing for thousands of years without the use of pesticides.

The mineral composition of the soil and biodiversity of the region triggers disease resistance in the plants to the naturally existing pathogens, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Advanced Production Methods

Once harvested, our herbs are thoroughly refined with modern extraction equipment that maintain the herb’s natural and authentic attributes. All raw materials are preserved in a highly regulated manufacturing facility to ensure their safety and high quality.

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