Up close and personal with our proprietary blend of Traditional Chinese Herbs and CBD. 

Backed by over 2 decades of experience as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Founder, Polina Bowler (of East Meets West Holistic Center in Los Angeles) created Illuminate - a fast acting and multi-faceted supplement as a natural alternative for common prescription drugs to help reduce feelings of anxiety, elevate mood, increase focus and mental clarity, reduce physical and emotional fatigue and help with occasional bouts of insomnia.

All natural herbs and CBD are tested for authenticity, quality and potency and were made at a GMP-certified facility.

Let’s dive in…

01. Xiao Mai / Floating Wheat
Xiao Mai helps eliminate irritability and restlessness, promote restful sleep, improve mood and nourish the Heart Qi.

02. Yu Jin / Turmeric Root 
Yu Jin helps promote circulation, dispel Liver Qi stagnation, helps to alleviate agitation, irritability and resolves mood swings. 

03. Yuan Zhi / Senega Root 
Yuan Zhu is used to calm the spirit and heart, improves memory, promotes creativity, helping you to stay focused and calm.
Yuan Zhi translates to “high aspirations”.

04. Da Zao / Chinese Dates 
Da Zao is used to promote overall calmness, peacefulness and emotional wellbeing. This herb helps to alleviate worry and overthinking while also strengthening your digestion.

05. Gan Cao / Licorice Root 
This herb helps to clear the heat, resolve toxicity, expel phlegm, tonifying the spleen as well as relax spasms and alleviate pain (many experience decrease in joint pain). Gan Cao is also known to influence the heart and lungs and works to balance the other herbs within the formula. 

06. Nano CBD
Unlike regular CBD, our CBD is Nano-emulsified and water-soluble CBD and as such is fast acting with increased bioavailability and the highest absorption rate. Known to help calm the mind, improve sleep, elevate mood and relieve pain. Each capsule contains 12.5 mg of CBD. Most people feel a feeling of calmness and lifting of the brain fog within 10-15 min.

Have you been looking for a natural supplement to help you feel a little happier, more productive, more balanced and more in control? Are you looking to increase your cognitive function and mental clarity? Illuminate can help! Contact us directly if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free 15min consultation before purchasing Illuminate.