Welcome to a new year filled with opportunities for rejuvenation and growth!

After the festive whirlwind of rich foods, irresistible treats and joyful late-night revelry, our bodies are often left feeling sluggish, tired and craving a reset.

Restoring Harmony starts with post-holiday detoxification as an essential step in gently guiding our body back to equilibrium.

Detoxification, I believe, is a personal journey as it depends on the vices you allow yourself to indulge in during the holidays. There are many detox gurus who have a perfect program designed for all. As a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, I know that not only that approach does not work, but it can be harmful if you get on supplements that are advertised to help you detox. PLEASE, talk to your holistic doctor before you do that. Detoxing in part means your liver releasing toxins into your blood stream and doing it more aggressively than your body can neutralize them and release them can make you sick.

Here is my simple, yet very effective approach to building a personal detox plan:

-       Make a list of the vices you feel you overindulged in in the last couple of month

-       Give them up to the best of your ability for a month (January being the most common detox month)

If giving up all at once is too hard and stressful and you can only give up one of the vices for 30-45 days; that too is fantastic. Studies have shown that disengaging in an activity for 30 to 45 days breaks the craving for it. I believe Lent was been invented by a nutritionist.

Engaging in a positive activity for an equal amount of time can help you achieve healthy habits. I was working with one of my patients last week and we came up with a somewhat challenging but achievable plan for him – no alcohol for the month of January and 30 min daily walks.

One thing that is very common among all of us is eating out a lot more between Thanksgiving and about now. Eating home-prepared meals is an important aspect of restoring your health. Try one of our favorite and very nourishing recipes for the cold winter months, a delicious Carrot Ginger soup.

Restoring Harmony is about Restoring Harmony within.

Detoxification is a vital step to achieving a balance within our body, but without addressing our mental/emotional state, restoring true harmony within is not possible. Post-holiday blues are just as common as holiday blues. With hopes for new beginnings, new goals (starting with detox), changes and improvements that new year might bring, come anxiety, stress and fear. For many, anxiety and depression cast shadows on life and one’s achievements and growth for years. Traditional Chinese herbs are revered for centuries for their body and mind balancing properties. Our product, Illuminate, a unique blend of CBD and Chinese herbs in capsules, rather than oil, is now available in 3 different sizes to give you a chance to try them without a large commitment.  We fuse ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science. CBD activates the body’s endocannabinoid system, whose main function is to balance the body. It has been shown that CBD might be helpful for people suffering from addictions to tobacco, alcohol, opioids and even overeating junk food. CBD may help not only reduce stress and anxiety, but it can assist in activating detoxification pathways and thus helping and shortening your withdrawal symptoms. 

Together, Chinese herbs and CBD in Illuminate, form a holistic approach to ease the burden of these conditions, guiding you toward a brighter year to come.

In Conclusion, embrace a holistic approach to post-holiday wellness.

As we bid adieu to the holiday season, I want to encourage you to embark on the journey toward a rejuvenated, balanced self in the new year ahead. There's no better time to prioritize self-care and rejuvenation than now.

It is our honor at Divine Farmer to support you and guide you, if you will let us, on your road to wellness!

Best wishes to all.