January is often the month for many to reboot and detox their bodies from all the fun and culinary indulgence from the holidays over the last couple of months. The spring cleaning of our insides as well as making sure we can fit into our clothes again comfortably. It is something I did very seriously for many years, and still do, but for two weeks rather than a whole month, since late night parties are not as common as you get older. Some of course never give it up or slow down, but I certainly did.

Cleaning up and removing all the debris, emotional as well as physical, from the year passed is a wonderful thing and I highly encourage it.

My 2 Week January Detox :

- NO LATE NIGHTS (as much as possible)
- SAUNAS (sweating is a great detoxifier)
- REDUCE STRESS (as much as possible)
- REGULAR MEDITATIONS (if it’s not what you do daily)

It’s not easy, but very doable and worth some discomfort in the first few days.

I am sure that if any of you have a question about anything on the list, it would be about CBD. For the last 5 years or so I’ve made sure to take CBD during my detox month as it makes the withdrawal symptoms from coffee much easier.  CBD activates the body’s endocannabinoid system, whose main function is to balance the body. It has been shown that CBD might be helpful for people suffering from addictions to tobacco, alcohol, opioids and even overeating junk food. CBD may help not only reduce stress and anxiety, which often trigger addictive behavior but also help reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, help manage cravings and assist in activating detoxification pathways. Stress and anxiety not only act as triggers for compulsive addictive behavior but contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body in the form of cortisol.

Divine Farmers first product, Illuminate, was created with an intention to help manage stress and anxiety and help protect the body from its damaging effects. Illuminate has the most absorbable Nano CBD available and the highest quality Chinese medicinal herbs. I worked very hard to make sure there are no harmful ingredients, like heavy metals or pesticides in our product. We work with small family-owned farms in Colorado that grow their hemp without the use of pesticides and we use a small family-owned, GMP approved manufacturer in Utah that uses a proprietary extraction method without the use of chemicals, synthetic emulsifiers or preservatives of any kind. Illuminate has been 3rd party lab tested to ensure its purity. 

Turmeric, being one of the herbs in Illuminate, helps activate the flow of blood, which helps to detox blood faster. Illuminate also has other medicinal herbs that by Chinese Medicine are believed to strengthen your heart and your mind to assist in your emotional/mental rejuvenation.

Illuminate is easy to add to your daily routine and can be of great help to you. But establishing good lifestyle habits will ensure a lasting healthy mind and body. 

Have a wonderful, healthy, adventures, memorable and prosperous 2023!

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